Our Philosophy

Enurja Advisors started with an aim to be a catalyst for energy market participants in –

  • building future proof energy systems
  • optimally harnessing the available energy resources
  • economising the energy use and consumption
  • maximising the renewable energy deployment

…and in doing so aiming to –

  • reduce the consumption & cost – at the utilisation point, and
  • maximise production & value – at the generation point.

Enurja Advisors is committed to building a greener tomorrow, today !!!


Goal: We provide consultancy and implementation support services under existing and emerging regulations that obligate or provide opportunities for –

  • enhancing energy performance,
  • optimising energy consumption & cost, and
  • harnessing renewable energy potential


Vision: We are committed to enhance value for each of our esteemed clients through best in class and timely service delivery surpassing their expectations while providing a mix of highest quality, superior experience and expertise par excellence.


About our name – ENURJA:

EnUrja: The word is a blend of “ENERGY + URJA”. Urja means ‘energy’ in Hindi / Sanskrit.

About our Logo:

enurja_logoThe ultimate source of energy – Sun – is the main concept behind the logo. The logo symbolises the turn of event – from sunset to sunrise – from darkness to light – towards life… towards energy… The sun rays are given focus and right direction.  The letter “E” thus emerges through the light rays. ‘E’ symbolises Energy and thus EnUrja.

That is the aim of EnUrja – to provide right direction to energy needs through enlightenment.

About our Tag-line:

Energise. Optimise. Rise.

Our tag line represents the escalation path in energy performance.

  • At level one: Energise – achieving the basic energisation needs.
  • At next level: Optimise – being most efficient & cost effective in making best use of the the available resources / options / structures / mix to fulfill the energisation needs
  • At highest level: Rise – moving up the ladder of continual improvement in energy performance… in energy management system… in renewable energy deployment… and in other energy aspirations.